Welcome 2018. Let's jump in to some serious quilting!

Happy New Year, everyone.  I must apologize for a lack of newsletters this past year.  Quilting for all of you kept me very busy.  Thank you!!!  I look forward to serving you in this new year.  Please continue to spread the word that I am always accepting new customers.  If a new quilter tells me that you recommended Pine Hollow Quilts to them and gives your name, there will be a small token of my appreciation for both of you.

I have updated the events page on the website.  Several items that may interest you have been listed.  Be sure to add them to your calendars!

I am already getting booked up for January quilting.  I am now scheduling for the week of January 15th.  If you need something finished with a deadline, please give me a call soon.

I am continually updating my digital designs with new ones.  I hope to get some samples stitched out soon for you to see.  Several that I have recently added are "mouse ears", "4 leaf clovers and hearts", and "hummingbirds" to name a few.

A good way to keep up with what is happening in the studio is to follow us on Facebook.  I post photos of most quilts and also update it more often with happenings.

Lastly, check out our specials!  I've added a new one and updated the Summer BOGO that was such a hit 2 years ago.

Best Wishes for the new year to all of you.