Summer Fun and Quilts

The throes of summer are upon us.  What are some of the fun things you are doing?  Here at Pine Hollow Quilts, there is a whole lot of quilting going on.  I've been back from HandiQuilter Academy for a week now and am still feeling the excitement for all the things I learned.  In between your quilts, I will be stitching out 1 of a kind samples that can be used for your quilts.  I can also customize E2E designs for your quilts.  For example, you have a baby or wedding quilt and want a simple E2E design but would also really like to have their names quilted in.  I can do that!  You have a cute little bunny in your fabric and would like me to use that bunny in an E2E.  I can do that!  The possibilities have become quite varied in what I can accomplish for your quilt.

Don't forget to check the Events page for all the happenings and the few closings that will occur over the summer.

Start getting prepared for Christmas by getting those quilts in now.  With all of the new selections of quilting designs currently available and those coming soon, I am anticipating a bit of a backlog after Halloween.  Avoid the rush and get your name put in the drawing for the free custom quilting.

Stay cool and keep those machines humming.