Say Goodbye to BOGO. Batting Alert!

As August is quickly advancing on us, so too is the end of our Summer Quilting Extravaganza. Only 3 weeks left to take advantage of our BOGO quilting for this year.

Batting Alert!!  Please read this section.  After some extensive testing on my machine comparing battings, threads and needles and consultation with my local Handi Quilter technician, we have determined that cheap polyester battings from our local big box store wreak havoc with the higher speed quilting machines such as the Infinity.  If you love the puffiness that you get from high loft polyester and you are bringing a quilt to Pine Hollow Quilts for quilting, please purchase the batting from us.  If you call ahead of time, we can make sure we have your needed size here ready and waiting.  I only use quality thread (Superior Thread) and batting (Quilter's Dream) in my shop that are trusted name brands to assure you of a quality quilting experience.  

Handi Quilter 16 is still for sale.  This is NOT the sit down machine, although a rolling stool would serve this purpose well.  The 16 moves along the 12' long studio table. There are quite a few accessories that go along with it.